When we started up nearly two decades ago, our goal was elementary; Facilitate businesses with seamless working infrastructures, starting from the ground up. From hand picking 
skilled workforce, to providing managerial services guaranteed to forge working class monoliths.

We’d like to believe we’ve succeeded on that front. Today, Stratways has evolved into an industry defining consultancy. Both legally and labour wise. Our team has seen it all.



Need a job? Or maybe a worker? Our employment agency has placed (literally) hundreds of individuals with employment across the country with a relatively fast turn around time. We believe in giving everyone a fair chance to a decent wage. To grow themselves and make room for their future. Let us help you.


Spawning from a background in education,  you can understand why training is such a core fundamental of what we do. We enlist an assortment of seasoned personnel, each maestros of their trade. The results are shown in those we’ve groomed, firms we’ve trained. 


Since our inception, labour law has been our area of dominance. We understand the risks already at steak when someone makes contact. We can relate to one’s need to know. Their need to win. So if there’s any legal issue at hand – small or big – there’s a solid chance, we’ve seen it before.